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Ten Mile Bank Riverside Academy

Ten Mile Bank Riverside Academy

The New Mural Has arrived

We are changing the look to the school........

Earlier this year the school was luckily awarded a grant by Awards 4 All, which we we put towards having an artist in residence. We managed to secure Rob Howard again, who came and worked with the children last year helping produce some of the work for the Art Exhibition we held.
This time we were taking on an even bigger project by changing the front of the school, through creating a mural which every child and nearly all parents took part. Rob worked with each class during an afternoon, then after school there was an opportunity for a parent or guardian to come and contribute to the school mural. The after school activity was received well by parents, one parent commented that if school had been this fun he wouldnt have wanted to leave.
Well finally our work is up and looks amazing. Well done to all those that took part.