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Ten Mile Bank Riverside Academy

Ten Mile Bank Riverside Academy

Ten Mile Bank go Star Trekking to The National Space Centre

News just in Ten Mile Bank Primary School little Aliens were seen running around different Planets at The National Space Centre in Leicester

Stars, Planets, Aliens and Us off we went to The National Space Centre

The School trip of the term took place on Tuesday 16th March 2010, we were loaded onto our space ship at 8am in the morning (lots of yawns) and off we went zooming along in a gold bus ! We arrived at the Space Centre (which looks like a large maggot) at 10.30 unloaded our alien back packs and off we charged, with our team names, allocated adults and maps in hand the fun began. We spent an hour and a bit looking round all the cool sections and we went up in a lift which took us up to look at a full sized rocket wow. Then off to the launch pad for some food. After lunch some of us went on the Simulator ride, which in the children's words was AWESOME !! yes the adults did come off with a headache as we never knew young ladies could scream that loud. The whole group regrouped and we made our way to the Space Theatre, we were greeted at the door by some lovely ladies and all ran for our seats, we noticed coloured pads on the chairs and Mrs Hopwood soon found out that the chairs laid back so you could see 360 degrees above you. We all waited in anticipation of what was going to happen. The lights went out and the screens above our heads turned into the night sky it was beautiful, it was like being at home in the garden looking up (apart from it was warm in there). The show then began with a lady telling us all about the sun, moon and Earth, it soon turned into a question time were we answered the questions with our coloured pads it was like being on who wants to be a Millionaire. My group loved every minute. At the end of the show the lady said we had been so good we could look at the stars and she would show us what to look for. We found the stars that looked like the plough and other patterns. Soon it was time to go home, but we had a really wonderful day and it was a pleasure to take all our little ones out as well as the Teachers !!

For more information please see our gallery there are some fantastic pictures.

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