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Ten Mile Bank Riverside Academy

Ten Mile Bank Riverside Academy


At Riverside Federation, we believe that art is a way of engaging, inspiring and challenging our pupils. We want all of our children to find a love of art and to believe that anybody can be an artist. We have worked in partnership with the PKC (Primary Knowledge Curriculum) to develop an Art Curriculum for pupils in years 1-6. This has been planned as part of a 2 year rolling programme so that the pupils all have the opportunity to access all of the areas of learning. 

The Art Curriculum is knowledge rich. We want to instil knowledge to the children about artists, designers, architects and their work but also a knowledge of artistic concepts linked to the elements of art (line, shape, colour, tone, form, space, visual texture and tone). We ensure that the children have an opportunity to make links between artists from different periods of time and different cultures so that we can develop our respect of others. 

Our curriculum is cyclical which means that the children have the opportunity to make progress through different areas of art as they work their way through the school. Elements such as line are studied in both Key Stage One and Lower Key Stage Two allowing the children to build upon their knowledge and develop as artists. 

Please open the document below to see the curriculum coverage for Art.