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Ten Mile Bank Riverside Academy

Ten Mile Bank Riverside Academy


At the Riverside Federation, we believe our children should be enabled to access the vast world of computer science and information technology. We are educating children for jobs that currently do not exist and so grounding them in the fundamentals of computer science is crucial for their futures. 

We have developed our computing curriculum to offer a broad and varied coverage of computer science and information technology. Children will experience a range of different software programmes throughout a two-year rolling cycle, allowing them to become proficient in word-processing, animating, presenting and coding. At the core of our curriculum is online safety which is revisited year on year, as well as through PSHE units. In KS1, children focus on developing the use of algorithms, programming and how technology can be used safely and purposefully. In KS2, lessons still focus on algorithms, programming and coding but in a more complex way and for different purposes. Children also develop their knowledge of computer networks, internet services and the safe and purposeful use of the internet and technology. Our curriculum also ensures that children have opportunities to use computing throughout other subjects, ensuring they become digitally literate; they are able to use a range of computing technology and can choose what and how to express themselves. They become active members of the digital world, able to keep themselves safe and conscious of the risks they might face.

Ensuring that children can move safely through the digital world in their personal lives, and have the knowledge to use a wide range of computing technology, gives them the freedom to access any aspect of education as well as future workplaces.

Please open the document below to see the curriculum coverage for Computing.

September 2021 to July 2022 is Year A in our curriculum plan.