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Ten Mile Bank Riverside Academy

Ten Mile Bank Riverside Academy

Health & Illness

If your child is ill

Please telephone the school first thing in the morning, or let the teacher know if the child has any siblings. You will need to give a reason for your child's absence. A doctor's note will be required for extended absences. 

Hospital and Dentists appointments

We appreciate that this is not always an option, but wherever possible, please make your child's appointments outside school hours. 

Head lice

In a close community like a school it is not unusual to find head lice. If you discover head lice in your childs hair treat it with one of the recommended products.  If you inform the office we will alert other parents to check their childrens hair.  We will not identify children or classes where head lice have been found. Please check your own childs hair on a regular basis.

Height, weight, hearing and sight tests

An annual check will be conducted with Year R and Year 6 children as part of the West Norfolk Primary Care Trust's child health policy. You will receive a consent form prior to this check.  

Puberty and Sex eduction

Please refer to the RSE Policy within the policies section of our website