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Ten Mile Bank Riverside Academy

Ten Mile Bank Riverside Academy


At Riverside Federation our History curriculum has been designed to provide our children with a knowledge-rich content, building upon learning from Year 1 through to Year 6.  We are a partner school with the Primary Knowledge Curriculum, (PKC), who take great detail in teaching key points throughout history, for children to be able to build further knowledge upon.  We are able to teach to a greater depth when our children have some background knowledge of what happened before.  This carefully chosen and sequenced History Curriculum allows children to develop a chronologically secure knowledge and understanding of local, British and world history.  This encourages our children to explore the connection between significant events and people and how they have influenced the modern world. 

The content of our History Curriculum ensures children have a secure overview of a period, before studying aspects in more depth.  Some of our history units have greater content and are taught for a longer period, ensuring children are secure in their learning and have more time to study the period in greater detail. 

Our History Curriculum aims to help children understand how the past is constructed and challenged.  We begin by teaching our children what a historian does, looking a basic sources and simplified views, to nurture an appreciation for and understanding of what it means to be a historian.  We encourage our children to be able to ask insightful questions and to investigate more complex historical sources as they move through school.  We support our children to use these skills across the curriculum. 

The History Curriculum aims to ignite our children’s love for history, preparing them with essential knowledge as they move on from us in their educational journey.  Our units have been carefully chosen to cover as wide ranging a content as possible, whilst ensuring depth of learning.  Our knowledge-rich curriculum aspires to create curious and knowledgeable young adults, who hold a deep understanding and appreciation of the discipline of history.  To provide our children with the ability to sift and weigh evidence to begin to formulate their own viewpoints and perspectives of the world, embracing our Federation ethos of opportunity, challenge and respect. 

Please open the document below to see the curriculum coverage for History.

September 2021 to July 2022 is Year A in our curriculum plan.