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Ten Mile Bank Riverside Academy

Ten Mile Bank Riverside Academy


At Riverside Federation our Science Curriculum is based on the National Curriculum, but working in partnership with the Primary Knowledge Curriculum (PKC) team, we have adapted that into a two year rolling programme suitable for our mixed-aged classes. Working with the PKC team, our school aimed to create a “science story”, which gives the children the opportunity to accumulate an ever-widening body of science knowledge they need in order to lay a solid foundation for their understanding of the world. 

Our goal is to break down any stereotypes based on what or who a scientist might be, to demystify scientific discoveries, allowing the children to truly believe that through commitment and perseverance, any one of them could become a great scientist. For this, our units of learning offer exciting lessons with many opportunities to develop scientific skills, we introduce a diverse range of scientists to inspire the children and through high expectations and quality first teaching, we ensure that the children experience a knowledge-rich curriculum regardless of their local or personal circumstances. 

We believe, that in this way we will enable children to lead a life that respects the environment, that children will have developed the necessary skills to tackle the challenges secondary science education presents them and that they go forth in their lives with genuine curiosity, passion and desire for further discovery.       

Please open the document below to see the curriculum coverage for Science.

September 2021 to July 2022 is Year A in our curriculum plan.